Aug 22

Day out with Thomas

For Matthew’s birthday, we decided his big present from us would be an experience: he’s been a Thomas the Tank Engine fan for quite awhile now, and it just so happened that the Day Out with Thomas tour was taking place on his birthday weekend! So, without telling him where we were going (only that it was his birthday surprise) we packed him up in the car and drove an hour or so to Union, Illinois to the train museum where Thomas was visiting. Matthew was pretty thrilled when he discovered where we were and that we were actually going to ride on Thomas the Train.

Here’s our boy just after we boarded Thomas, waiting to go for our ride!

Here’s a side view of Thomas, with Edison and Matthew standing by the guard rail

There was a ton of stuff to do there: we had one 20 minute ride on Thomas, unlimited rides on other trains and shuttles, an imagination station, a storytelling area, clowns (*shudder*), a bounce house, a playground, tours of trains, gift shops, tons of food…and I think there was a magic show. Edison says it was Mr D’s magic show. Anyway, Matthew had a great time and he was definitely wiped out by the time we left. I think it was a great birthday present!

Edison and I were taking turns posing with Matthew when some really nice random guy asked if we would like him to take a picture of the three of us. So, really nice guy, if you ever stumble across my blog, thank you again! You took a great picture of us!

This picture was taken at the end of our day, and by then Matthew was pretty exhausted. He wouldn’t smile for us, but it’s a cute picture anyway!

All in all, it was a great birthday trip!



  1. Camille

    Looks like a really fun time! What a great idea, I bet he had a blast!

  2. sharon

    Yay Matthew and Thomas! Such a cutie!

  3. JG

    wow what a fun day! I want to ride the trains!

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