Sep 03

An exciting announcement…

In the past few weeks, there has been no shortage of fun and exciting things going on. You all read about everything we did to celebrate Matthew’s 6th birthday. Then, our own little Matthew started first grade! First grade, can you believe it?! So, we’ve been really busy with all that. And then, just yesterday, we got some REALLY exciting news…


I’m pregnant!!


Baby Crux is on the way!!!

Saturday morning I took a test, and there was a very faint positive line, so we weren’t sure what to make of it. We were both standing in the bathroom trying to decipher it – I declared it was a “try again soon” answer. Edison got a kick out of the magic 8 ball reference. So then, I took another test Sunday morning – another faint positive, so I decided I’d run to Walmart and buy a different brand of test right then and there – I didn’t want another day of wondering. So there I go, running like a crazy woman through Walmart at 6:30am on a Sunday morning with two boxes of pregnancy tests (just to be sure…) and two candy bars (celebratory candy, of course). I run back home, take the tests, and they were unmistakably positive!! There was lots of squealing, smiling, and hugging going on in the bathroom. It was a very exciting room (probably the most exciting time our bathroom has ever had).

So, that’s our news! I’ll be back with lots of family and pregnancy updates. Matthew is thrilled to be a big brother!!


  1. JG


  2. Camille

    I can just picture you two in there staring at the little test strips! So exciting! So very happy for you! *dances*

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