Sep 29

I have such a wonderful husband!

I’m 8 weeks pregnant now! Up until yesterday, I’ve been feeling really good. Occasional nausea, some gagging, but nothing too bad. But yesterday? Ugh. I felt awful! The morning sickness finally reared it’s ugly head, and I was down for the count. I was sent home from work early, and when I got home, Edison was still home (he didn’t work until later in the day). He was so sweet to me – he had me go change into comfy pajamas and lay on the couch, then tucked me in with 3 blankets (I like blankets…and making nests to snuggle in…). Then he brought me a big bucket, two different kinds of crackers, ice water in a pretty cup, a book and my Kindle, and he got a bunch of movies out and set up for me to watch during the day. Then he kept pestering me until I told him what sounded good from the store, and he ran out to get me orange juice, grape juice, and tomato soup. He then waited on me until he had to leave for work.

Morning sickness can be rough…today had bad spots, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful husband to support me through it. He’s so good to me :)


  1. Camille

    I think you’ve got a keeper there! Gotta say Edison’s just like his dad was, so sweet, and it certainly does help to be pampered when you’re feeling morning sick! And don’t be afraid to ask whenever you need something, because you’ve got a great support system and we all will help with anything you need l’il momma! ^__^

  2. JG

    thats sweet, good guys are hard to come by. I had one once and I let him get away. Cherish him and your time. and feel better!

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