Oct 18

Happy 2 Years to my Wonderful Husband!

Today marks two whole years since Edison and I started dating! Two years ago, I spent an entire weekend thinking it over (he proposed the idea on a Friday night, and I made him wait until Monday for an answer…and I spent the whole weekend coming up with reasons it wouldn’t work out.) As you can probably guess, I quit worrying about the what-ifs and decided to give it a try. I had no idea that two years down the road, we would already be married for 6 months, and be almost 3 months pregnant! These past two years have been two of the best years of my life. How lucky am I, really, to be married to my best friend? It seems like we’ve been together much longer than two years (maybe because we were best friends before we even started dating…) but you know what? I’m not sick of him yet! I still enjoy his company just as much as I always have (he tells me he’s not sick of me either – but I bet he’d change his answer if you ask him today after my pregnancy hormone induced crying spell last night that he had to calm me down from, or this morning’s “morning” sickness puking in the toilet while he was in the shower…) But anyway…

Two wonderful years down, and many more amazing years to come. I’d say we are extremely lucky to have each other.

 Edison and I on our wedding day! This was taken that morning, while we were setting up the wedding hall.

Just pronounced Husband and Wife (by my wonderful grandma, who performed the ceremony)

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!


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  1. Camille

    You know who else is so happy you two took that step for a first date 2 years ago? Yep, we all are! ^___^

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