Dec 27

Happy Holidays!

(I would say “Merry Christmas” – but I’m just a couple days late on that…sorry)


It’s been a very busy month here! First off, the official launch of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf was December 15 – and it was definitely successful!


There’s my awesome husband, before the signing began. I’m so proud of him!

It was a great day, full of meeting new people and sharing the excitement of the book everyone has been waiting months for. It’s especially fun now, nearly two weeks later, to hear the reviews of the book start coming in from people who have finished reading it already. I love hearing what everyone has to say! And don’t forget – if you haven’t purchased a copy yet and would like to, you can do so from here or on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed! As the signing began, I was first to receive a signed copy!

(Also an awesome side view of my 19 week belly)

Since the release, sales are still going strong! I’m so excited to see what the new year brings for us.

Matthew is doing great – although he was pretty sick for a week when he got hit with the flu and an ear infection. A trip to the doctor, a round of antibiotics, lots of naps and cuddling, and he’s good as new. He was able to celebrate Christmas feeling great:

(We would’ve used this picture for Christmas cards…but I totally didn’t get around to doing cards this year. Oops.)

And for baby news… I’m now (nearly) 21 weeks pregnant, and we had a 3D ultrasound done at Stork Vision - which was completely awesome. We saw our little baby all curled up and got some really nice photos and a dvd of the entire session. We also found out we are having a BOY! Another little boy, and we couldn’t be happier. Matthew is thrilled – he’s been asking for a baby brother nearly every day. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of him:

All cuddled up – he looks pretty comfortable in there

And a picture of the 20 week belly:

And that’s our family update for now!

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