Dec 31

2012 in review

It’s crazy to think that tomorrow is the start of a brand new year – it seems like this year has just flown by. I’m so excited for the new year and to see how life unfolds with our soon to be family of four.


January: Edison and I were still newly engaged, and just in the beginning stages of wedding planning. Definitely a fun time. I love weddings…


February: More definite wedding plans were made, and my grandma and I began making some of the decorations ourselves.


March: Edison’s birthday! Edison turned 22 on the 15th. Also, my aunts Jessie and Jenni threw a bridal shower for me at my grandma’s house – that was a lot of fun.


April: Final wedding preparations were made, and on the 22nd I married my best friend. It was the perfect day. Afterwards, we enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon close to home – a gift from my new brother-in-law.


May: I turned 24 on the 30th, and was presented with an awesome new laptop picked out by Edison and Devin (brother-in-law). Also, I switched jobs from being a night shift CNA to being a CSR at a local call center.


June: I was busy learning my new job in June…nothing else too exciting happened that I can remember…


July: Still busy working – Edison was busy putting the finishing touches on his novel and getting everything ready for release day.


August: Matthew’s birthday!! Our little guy turned 6 years old on the 20th. To celebrate, we not only had a birthday party for him, but we also took him to a train museum in Union, IL, to A Day Out with Thomas. He had a blast!


September: We were thrilled to find out that another family member was on the way! On the 2nd, we were thrilled to see 3 very positive pregnancy tests. Trips to my OBGYN began.


October: Hello morning sickness! And crying spells. How has my new husband not divorced me yet?…


November: Final touches were put on the novel, and it was sent off to the printer! A very, very exciting time for us.


December: Release day at last! On the 15th, Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf went on sale and we had a great release party/signing. Also had an awesome 3D ultrasound in Madison, WI, and found out our new little baby is a boy! And I also left my out of the house job as a CSR and am not working full time from home for Enygma Enterprises (our publishing company).


So, that’s our year in review. Hopefully I didn’t leave anything out… It’s been a great year, and I can’t wait to see how this next year goes! We have a lot up ahead for us – running a business, more books to write, and of course, a new family member will arrive. I can’t wait to see what great things will come in the new year.


Everyone, please have a fun and safe New Years Eve, and a great start to the new year!

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