Mar 18


I’ve come to the realization that I’m an awful blogger. I know I should write, but getting into the habit of it is very difficult.

Life lately has been pretty good. Matthew is doing wonderful, and he’s getting so excited to meet his little brother. He often says to me “I can’t wait until we have our very own baby!” and he asks if it’s time to go to the baby hospital yet (over and over…) He’s so excited, and it’s great to see. Other than that, Matthew is very excited for warm weather to come (aren’t we all…) and he’s been begging to go to Magic Waters. He keeps telling me how awesome Magic Waters is, and that we should go there. I can’t wait either…right now it’s snowing again, and I’m definitely sick of this cold weather and snow.

Edison is nearly finished with the first draft of his next book (yay!) and it’s set to release sometime around this Halloween. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but it’ll be around Halloween. You guys are going to love this one. Other than that, he just celebrated his birthday and he’s now 23 :) We had a nice family celebration the day before his birthday with my in laws and homemade lasagna (which was really good – my mother in law makes very good lasagna), and on his birthday we had a nice relaxing day at home. I bought him this weird game called Skyrim a month ago (he was thrilled – he had been talking about it for awhile) and for his birthday, I bought him some weird expansion thing he was talking a lot about. He seemed very happy about that. He says the game is great – I’m not a gamer, so I’ll take his word for it.

I’ve been good; I’m 32 weeks pregnant now and getting huge. Definitely waddling around. I see my doctor every week now, just to make sure everything continues to go well. So far I’ve had a wonderful pregnancy. Other than my blood count being low, everything has been perfect. And for that, all I have to do is take an iron supplement. This little boy should be about 4 pounds by now, and he’s definitely running out of room. He gets the hiccups often, and it’s so adorable. 5 more weeks until he’s full term! I’m so excited to meet this little guy :)

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