Oct 02

Update – What’s new with the Crux family?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, but I really do like having these posts to look back on, to remember things that our family has done and enjoyed…so I really do need to keep pushing myself to get into the habit of writing posts often. It was the end of May last time I wrote, and now we are in the very beginning of October. Quite a bit has happened since.

First, our family is doing great. The four of us have adjusted well to life together, and Matthew has taken on his role of big brother wonderfully. He is a great help with Alex, and he loves to spend time with his baby brother. One of his favorite things to do is play on the floor with Alex:

As you can see, Alex has gotten quite big!

(Photo taken July 17, I believe)

The early weeks after Alex’s birth were a little difficult for Matthew, because he didn’t like to hear Alex cry. So we worked with Matthew on that, gave him different options like the freedom to close his bedroom door and have his own space when he needed it, and he wore a pair of headphones that block out sounds (to a certain degree). After a few weeks, the crying didn’t seem to bug him anymore, and now he’ll actually try and calm Alex when he’s crying. It’s very sweet. He’s taken beautifully to being a big brother, and I couldn’t be more proud.

As Alex has gotten older and is doing more, the boys see each other as a source of entertainment. It’s pretty fun to watch, actually. Alex loves to watch Matthew play and do his “skits” – whether it’s playing Diesel 10 or something else, and Matthew loves to watch Alex. I hope they will both stay close as they grow older.


Matthew turned 7!

I cannot believe he’s 7 years old already. He had a great birthday party, complete with Thomas the Train decorations.


Labor Day has already passed, which means another school year is in session! This time, we’re starting the year off homeschooling (instead of leaving public school halfway through the year) – and let me tell you, it’s a lot more difficult to homeschool when you have an infant to take care of too. But we’re getting back into the groove of it, and we have some new materials for this year that I’m really excited about. I’ll write more about those later.


Edison has been hard at work with his newest book, a novella called Tale of the Gevaudan Beast - and it’ll be released on October 26, just a few weeks away! Stay tuned for more news on it, and in the meantime, visit the Enoc Tales website for up to date information!

Edison has also been keeping a personal blog – check it out! He posts about family life, book reviews and recommendations, and other random stuff that’ll definitely entertain you.


I’ve been busy taking care of kids, getting school stuff ready, getting settled in at our new house (did I mention we moved? – Yeah, that was a ton of fun with a 2 month old)…generally just taking care of kids and trying to keep things moving smoothly. A big challenge, one that you seem to constantly work and work and you never seem to see any difference in what you’re doing. But believe me, if you quit doing any of those things that keep everyone happy and things running smoothly, you can definitely tell the difference. So that’s good, right? It’s like standing in a big snowstorm, and you keep getting hit with snow…you continue to shovel your way out, but you work and work and work and you don’t see any progress because it’s still snowing. But if you take a break and don’t shovel for an hour, you’re buried again. So Edison and I have been teaming up trying to figure out how to get unburied, and I think we are making some good strides. As we figure it out, I’ll write about what has and hasn’t helped. Right now, one of the biggest changes we’ve made that’s made the greatest difference, is 3 days a week Edison takes Alex and I get an hour of free time on each of those days. Time I can spend doing whatever I want (usually it’s cleaning, because it’s so much easier to clean without a baby latched onto you).

As Alex grows and can spend more time entertaining himself, I’m sure it’ll get easier. But for now, we are working with what we’ve got. And babies aren’t babies forever, I’m going to enjoy this stage while I can. Even though I’d jump through hoops to get a solid 5 hours of sleep right about now (Alex is not the best sleeper…) I know he won’t be little forever and I’ll miss all the snuggles and unique things that come with having a newborn. Already he’s grown so much. He’s not my squishy little newborn anymore

13 days old

He’s so much bigger, more active, and doing much more. Each stage is great, but I sure do wish it would go by a little slower. He’s growing so fast, and before I know it, he’ll be 7 years old…and Matthew will be 14. Crazy.

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