Oct 23

Highlights of Our Visit

Well, another visit with Sara has come and gone. We had a great time! She flew in on a Thursday, and after most of the day traveling (in which her cab driver couldn’t find her at about 3 am, and her bus from Chicago to Rockford dropped her off at a different location than I thought – so while the kids and I were waiting at one hotel for the bus, her bus was actually at the bus terminal. Oops.) We were finally reunited and we had a blast. Thursday we pretty much just settled in and relaxed, and we ate some really good chicken and dumplings (crock pot recipe – it was the first time we tried it and it was pretty awesome!) and we all went to bed early.

Friday we ate an early lunch and all headed out to the Pumpkin Patch! I love this time of year, and I love the Pumpkin Patch. Matthew had a great time, and I think Sara enjoyed visiting there for the first time. We got some great pictures (some of which were taken with Sara’s camera and I’m waiting for her to share them.)

Matthew and the baby goats

Last year, Matthew was terrified of the animals. This year, he was very excited to be around them. He really did great, and he surprised both Edison and myself! We were super proud.

Here’s Matthew going down the gigantic slide. He had a blast!

Then that night, Edison (being the awesome cook that he is) made a wonderfully spicy South of the Border Pizza:


Saturday, Sara and I went shopping at her favorite Rockford store: Hobby Lobby. We had a great time, and she got some fun yarn. Then we went to Kohls for some clothes, but didn’t have any luck there. Though she did get a cozy blanket. Sunday we hung around the house and just went out for lunch. We decided to eat at McDonalds, and while we were there, we found a ladies’ wallet in our booth. I turned it in to the employees at the counter, and about halfway through our meal a lady came up to us and asked if we had found her wallet. We told her we turned it in at the counter, and she thanked us and left. I thought she had gotten her wallet and left, but then she came back to our table with 2 bags of chocolate chip cookies and thanked us again. It was really nice!

Sadly, Monday was the day Sara had to go back home. She had another long day of travel, but thankfully without any cab drivers not being able to find her, or us going to different drop off points. She made it safely home, and we are already talking about our next visit together. We might have a Crux family road trip in our future for this coming summer!

Sara and Alex



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