Oct 24

Two Days Left!

This Saturday – only 2 days away – is the release of Edison’s newest book: Tale of the Gevaudan Beast!

It’s a novella, the prequel to Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, so it is a shorter book. But its a great story and a very enjoyable read. Edison is excited to have a horror book out for Halloween – but I look at it more of a sad love story. It definitely has it’s scary parts, and if you spook easily you shouldn’t read it with the lights out at night…but it’s more of a sad love story about a man who would do anything to save his wife…even at the cost of his own soul. Even at the cost of innocent lives. It’s a page turner, that’s for sure. You definitely don’t want to miss this story.

And, because he’s just this awesome, Tale of the Gevaudan Beast will be available free (the ebook version) during select days. Stay tuned to find out more!



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