Jul 07

My Gown Arrived!

I’m so excited! My wedding gown arrived on Thursday, and it looks beautiful! I sent my gown away two weeks ago (on Saturday, June 23) to BridalKare, and I sure didn’t expect it back in less than two weeks!

I only wore my gown for a couple hours, and nothing was spilled on it and I didn’t drag the hem through the dirt at all. Still, I wanted the gown cleaned professionally. I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I sold it, so I finally gave in and paid the money to have my gown professionally cleaned and preserved. I’m really glad I did! I eagerly opened the box to find this:

And opened it to find this:

It says “This gown worn by ___ as she exchanged her vows with ____ on this day ____, has been carefully preserved to last a lifetime by BridalKare. Our best wishes for your continued happiness.”

And a closeup of the gown and my garter:

I know the pictures aren’t that great, but trust me, in person it looks wonderful! I can clearly see where the seamstress from BridalKare repaired several of the beads that had come loose from the bodice. (After the ceremony, during all the hugging, my aunt’s blouse got caught on the beading of my dress and we had a few casualties.) I didn’t open the preservation box, of course, but from what I can see through the window, the dress looks flawless. Overall, I’m very happy with BridalKare and would recommend them to any bride!

I’ll end this post with a couple pictures of my gown on our wedding day:

Brandon being weird and interrupting, as usual. Gotta love him.

The wedding party, above, minus Matthew. He didn’t have much patience for all the pictures. We did manage to get a few great ones of him though!

And a picture of me walking down the aisle, so you can see the back of my gown:

I love the back of the gown!

So, bottom line is I’m so excited that I got my gown back so quickly and in such good condition. I love the gown and just had to share the beautiful pictures with you!


  1. sara

    Of all the pics i went through, that is one of my favs. Its like brandon and i are like…duh, shouldnt you kiss already?

  2. Camille

    So happy for you to have it so beautifully preserved! I see mine hanging in the closet, and of course it sort of yellowed a bit over the 33 years – still means so much, but would have been nice to have it preserved like that! Now yours will be kept as perfect as it was when you walked down the aisle, one more thing to cherish from your very special day!

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