Jul 12

Exciting things coming up…

So, we’ve all been working hard over here, and we have some really exciting stuff coming up! Just wait until this coming Tuesday…there is a big announcement you won’t want to miss! Edison’s book, Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, is coming along nicely! Edison recently finished rewriting chapter 13, and it’s amazing! We have been making a lot of plans for this book and things are getting very exciting. We have a ton of stuff planned for fans! So, stay tuned for Tuesday’s news!

In family news, we’ve been very busy working on various things and rearranging our apartment. Matthew has discovered the joys of summer vacation and is actually sleeping in! I’m shocked! All his life, he’s always been an early riser (and I’m talking 5-6am) no matter how late he goes to bed. Now he’s sleeping in! Its so weird…and all I can think (other than thinking its awesome that on my days off I have time to sleep in as well) is that when school starts up again, we may have a cranky kid who’s used to waking up whenever he wants…but he still has a few weeks of summer vacation to sleep in before school starts again. I can’t believe he’s going to be a first grader!

Matthew’s 6th birthday is coming up (I can’t believe it…) and we have some exciting things planned for him. I can’t wait to see his reaction! I’ll write another post soon about our birthday plans.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our little guy:

Isn’t he adorable?!




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