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Aug 18

Coffee, anyone?


So, let me begin by saying I think coffee is awful. I just don’t enjoy the taste. That happens – different people like different things. Coffee doesn’t happen to be one of my “things”. It’s just gross. No matter how much milk/cream and sugar is added, it still doesn’t have a taste I enjoy. My …

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Aug 07

Wisconsin Werewolf Freebies!

Today we are unveiling two really awesome things! First: the video my husband has been working so hard on! Here it is, the Writer himself reading aloud the prologue to Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf!     And that’s not all! We also have the prologue and first three chapters available for FREE download! Click …

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Aug 06

Down the River


For months now, Matthew has been requesting to go “down the river”. It all started with my grandma who told him about the Forest City Queen, a small boat that gives 45 minute rides down the Rock River in the summer. She told him about it during the winter…and ever since, it’s been non stop …

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Jul 23

Happy (late) anniversary to us!


Our three month anniversary, that is! How lame are we that neither of us remembered yesterday? We are just that busy, I guess. I remembered as we were eating dinner tonight, so I thought it’d be nice to honor us here tonight (even though we are a day late…) Here we are, on the morning …

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Jul 17

Here it is…

Cover art: Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf

…the announcement we’ve been so excited to make! Here is the preview of the cover art for Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf!! How incredible does that look?! It hits shelves March 22nd!

Jul 12

Exciting things coming up…

Isn't he adorable?!

So, we’ve all been working hard over here, and we have some really exciting stuff coming up! Just wait until this coming Tuesday…there is a big announcement you won’t want to miss! Edison’s book, Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, is coming along nicely! Edison recently finished rewriting chapter 13, and it’s amazing! We have been …

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Jul 02

Fun at the Park

Fun on the slide

I like to think of Sundays as our “family fun” day. Sundays are (generally) the only day that Edison and I have off work together, and Matthew is home from school (which isn’t an issue in the summer, of course, but you get what I mean). We always like to try and do something fun …

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