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Sep 20

Our first look at Baby Crux


Tuesday we got our first glimpse of Baby Crux! It was so exciting! Since this is a high risk pregnancy, my doctor ordered a very early ultrasound. So, Edison and I headed in for the appointment. After peeing in a cup (seriously, can’t they think of a better option? Peeing in a cup is really …

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Aug 06

Down the River


For months now, Matthew has been requesting to go “down the river”. It all started with my grandma who told him about the Forest City Queen, a small boat that gives 45 minute rides down the Rock River in the summer. She told him about it during the winter…and ever since, it’s been non stop …

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Jul 23

Happy (late) anniversary to us!


Our three month anniversary, that is! How lame are we that neither of us remembered yesterday? We are just that busy, I guess. I remembered as we were eating dinner tonight, so I thought it’d be nice to honor us here tonight (even though we are a day late…) Here we are, on the morning …

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Jul 07

My Gown Arrived!


I’m so excited! My wedding gown arrived on Thursday, and it looks beautiful! I sent my gown away two weeks ago (on Saturday, June 23) to BridalKare, and I sure didn’t expect it back in less than two weeks! I only wore my gown for a couple hours, and nothing was spilled on it and …

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Jul 02

Fun at the Park

Fun on the slide

I like to think of Sundays as our “family fun” day. Sundays are (generally) the only day that Edison and I have off work together, and Matthew is home from school (which isn’t an issue in the summer, of course, but you get what I mean). We always like to try and do something fun …

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